Online Selling

  • Sales – We have a proven method of growing sales across all brand categories and on multiple eCommerce channels. This includes our custom-built back-end software used to advertise and market products to customers, our ability to conduct market research to price your products most competitively and having a sales team that analyzes every single product to maximize sales and profits.
  • Product Placement – Data teams inspect every listing to make sure the listing is SEO optimized with optimal pictures, descriptions, specs, and placement to maximize sales.
  • Purchasing – Using custom-built software our purchasing department predicts daily sales, monitors them and purchases accordingly so we are never over or under-stocked.
  • Returns – eCommerce returns are higher than ever and controlling the flow of goods back to the distributor has proven to be inordinately difficult. Maintaining control of where and how they are resold is extremely costly and time consuming. In addition to our own in-house team, we work with multiple third parties to manage and resell all damaged goods, thereby ensuring maximum returns for your products.
  • Projections and Forecasting – Using our custom built software, we collaborate with our clients to produce customized reports on all aspects of the business, including sales per item, returns, profit margins, competition, and growth. Whatever the criteria, we produce insightful reports for our clients.
  • Marketing Insight – Brands spend millions of dollars a year on advertising and promotion. Ensuring that their dollars are being maximized in the right regions and targeting the right consumers can prove to be very difficult. By tracking every sale, Focus Global is able to provide the manufacturer with an unparalleled view of the regions his products are being sold. This includes zip codes, price and quantities.
  • Customer Service – With the proliferation of the Internet, we see how easy it is to reach and influence consumers. One negative comment about your brand, posted on the right platform, can have a detrimental impact. Focus Global provides a comprehensive customer service program that deals with everything from returns to complaints and everything in between.

Warehousing and Logistics

We maximize our network of warehouses across the US to consciously and effectively manage overhead and maintain order. Selling on Amazon requires its own infrastructure including storage, picking, packing, labeling, etc. Over the years we have built our professional teams in multiple locations to quickly and efficiently handle all warehousing and logistics.

Grey Market, Counterfeit and MAP Policy Violation

  • Grey Market – We work hand in hand with our vendors to identify and block grey marketers on both the distribution and eCommerce ends. There are many ways to identify and stop the Grey Market from destroying your brand. Through years of experience we have developed proven tactics to severely limit parallel trade. Using customized software to alert our team when an unauthorized seller is lowering prices or stealing sales, we collaborate with the brand owners to mitigate any damage.
  • Counterfeit – We work hand in hand with brands and online marketplaces to eliminate the sale of counterfeit products. Over the years we have cultivated strong relationships with Amazon and other eCommerce sites that allow us to quickly identify and shut down counterfeit sellers. We also partner with some of the top law firms in North America to shut down unauthorized sellers, grey marketers and counterfeit sellers.
  • Brand Value – In order to preserve a brand's value, which is so often diluted or destroyed by third party sellers, we help our clients recognize and remove trademark and copyright violators. We also assist with MAP policies, reseller agreements and anti-diversion tactics.
  • MAP Policy – We work hard to help our clients identify and stop MAP violators. Using customized software, we scour the Internet for all products related to the brand and, with their approval, do everything possible to put an end to it.

Foreign Companies

We understand the challenge of expanding into new marketplaces; therefore we work with your brand to facilitate a smooth transition into the North American Market. This includes:

  • Inventory Financing – We finance large amounts of inventory on behalf of foreign companies who may not have the cash flow necessary to purchase, manufacture, and maintain large inventory levels in North America.
  • Logistics – Our international network of brokers and logistics companies make it easy to handle small or large shipments in and out of North America.
  • Warehousing – We maintain hundreds of thousands of square feet of warehousing space in multiple locations across the US.
  • Local Marketplace – We know the marketplace, its trends, cycles, pricing, competition, etc. We have extensive knowledge on import, FDA regulations, duties, taxes, and market value.
  • Marketing – We partner with some of the top marketing firms in North America to maximize your brand’s position and visibility in the marketplace. We utilize many marketing strategies including sponsored ads, headline ads, product display ads, lightening deals, and social media. Our unique business model allows us to track every unit from purchase through sale. This insight allows our brands to target the specific consumers and markets that yield the best results.
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